Use Varsity Offense To Teach Coverage

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 24, 2020

At some point in a football season a coach begins to spend as much time on the opponent as they do on their players. Before you bristle up, stop and think about it. It’s just true.

A great portion of football coaching is showing your players what is about to be coming at them on game day. You break down the video and try to find the best ways to get this information to your players.

You will have cutups and they are important but your players will definitely focus on who they are playing against more than what they are about to see. This is why it is important to get them information about what they are going to see in an organized manner. This will help them digest it and process it faster as you prepare.

If you are a defensive coach we strongly urge you to use the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity Offense to prepare your players each week. Huh? Take a look at this short video and save yourself a ton of time and teach better than you ever have this football season.

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