Using Email To Send Out Your Installs? Good Luck…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 1, 2020

Yeah we get it. You have not seen your players in two or three weeks and you are not going to see them for two or three more months. You have the priority issues you are communicating with them about. Surely academics is at the top of this list.

Academics and Zoom meetings have become sudden bed fellows as you try to navigate the spring semester. There’s always their workouts and their technique work that you hope they are diligent about. However, communicating what they should be doing isn’t nearly as challenging as making sure they do it.

The one that is jumping up and biting everyone in the butt right now is “How do I get my players our installations?” As coaches we understand how important it is to get information to your group as early and often as you can. Once again, you may not even lay your eyes on them until months from now.

However, there is probably a case to made for thinking this through and looking before you leap. If you are putting your stuff out there on the internet by emailing pdf’s to your players, what could possibly go wrong? A lot.

FirstDown PlayBook offers you a simple, secure and inexpensive way to get this done right from your home to theirs…

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