UT Chattanooga Zone Read Touchdown

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2021

The zone read is nothing new to football at this point. We use this 49 yard UT Chattanooga zone read touchdown on Saturday to make our point. However, there is more than meets the eye here with the coaching involved. When you zone block you force the defense to fit every gap correctly or a good running back is goi got expose you.

That’s what happened here as the ETSU Bucs failed to get a linebacker over to the A gap. The offensive line did a fantastic job of working their zone combinations up t the second level. We don’t want to take anything away from them but there was more to it than that.

The first thing we noticed was that UT Chattanooga was running some heavy unbalanced formations easier in the game. When an offense does this it forces the defense to adjust their front so that they will not get out leveraged. This not only affects the unbalanced play when it is run. It also can affect subsequent plays.

If you look closely at this play you will see the tight end get lined up late. we are not sure where he was shifting from but it may have very well have been a tight end trade from an unbalanced formation look. The defense looks to stem last second to an over type front.

UT Chattanooga Had The Defense A Man Short In The Box

ETSU has several problems here at the snap. The first problem is they have a corner as one of their box players. #28 is going to have to get in the mix for them to have a chance. Offenses like it when the corner is part of the run box. The tight end and offensive line have a hat for a hat because the quarterback is reading #0 for ETSU, the defensive end.

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Here is where the Mocs really did their homework. Sure the backside linebacker for ETSU did not get over to the A gap for this play. However, the only way he would be able to do that is if #23 or #29 for ETSU became part of the box. Essentially ETSU was a man short without that happening.

This was a huge play at a critical point in the game. It was 2nd & 14 in the third quarter with 4:54 remaining. The Mocs were only up 7-3 at this point so the game was anything but decided. So congratulations to Rusty Wright and his UT Chattanooga staff and team. They have played their way right back into contention in the tough Southern Conference with this 21-16 win.