Vince Williams Defeats… Destroys Iso Block

By Will Cinelli on Mar 11, 2021

One of the more technical things a linebacker has to do is to execute his run fits. This requires reading the run correctly, fitting the proper gap with the proper leverage, shedding blocks, and executing the tackle. All of which, by the way, are easier said than done!

Here, Pittsburgh LB Vince Williams is facing an inside run from Houston. The tight end is trying to Iso block Williams. Let’s take a look at how Williams is able to defeat the block and make a big play.

First, Williams quickly diagnoses run and triggers downhill into his A gap. It’s much more likely that you’ll defeat a block if you go attack the blocker rather than him hitting you. Williams is now able to avoid the block on the move, rather than squaring it up. He attacks the blocker’s inside half.

As the blocker stops his feet to try to deliver the blow to Williams, the Steelers’ LB dips his shoulder to minimize contact, getting underneath the tight end’s pads. With the blocker unable to deliver a solid blow, Williams plays through the contact while still maintaining leverage on the ball carrier. He lines up the running back and delivers a big hit, driving his feet through the tackle to finish.

Then, as you watch the play again at full speed, you can really appreciate how Williams is able to put together all of those nuanced details at game speed in order to make the play and create a TFL for Pittsburgh. 

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