We Are A Football Coach

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 7, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook is in Charlotte for the American Football Coaches Association convention and despite the bitter cold outside we are looking forward to seeing all of the guys today in the warmth of the convention hall.

Last night as we were eating dinner we had a coach come up to us and essentially give us the ultimate compliment. He thanked us for what we do but then he said something that we think is very important. We talk about it here from time to time but maybe not as directly as he did.

He said “Coach, I like the fact that you have so much content in FirstDown PlayBook but really the thing I like is that it comes from a football coach.” We thanked him and then we parted ways but after he left we thought a little more about it and realized that he is dead spot on.

Football is such a popular game at so many levels and as we all know along with popularity comes money and what closely follows money is people. There are a lot of good people involved with our sport but what this football coach was pointing out is that it’s important to him that we have coached in the trenches just like he has.

We have fought our way up the coaching ladder. We have been to the AFCA convention with and without a job. We have been hired and we have been fired. We have been appreciated and also totally disregarded but most of all we have studied over the years and we have learned our trade as well as we could.

So today as we do the same thing so many others will be doing in the AFCA Exhibitors hall this one football coaches compliment will stick with us because at it’s very core what makes FirstDown PlayBook different from a lot of others is that it is not only X & O football coaching help but yes it comes from something we have been proud to be called for a long time…a football coach.

See you today at Booth #239.


FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty three thousand football plays, schemes and technique help all designed and drawn by professional football coaches! 

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