We Are Tying All 22 Tuesday Scheme Into Your PlayBook
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 17, 2020

Anyone who keeps up with FirstDown PlayBook knows we always have a lot going on. We have even been accused of biting off more than we can chew a time or two. There is an element of truth to all of this but we will own it and move forward.

Our goal is to give you what you need during the football season and during the off season as well. As we become the go to football playbook drawing tool for coaches, we also want to continue tracking and sharing the cutting edge schemes that show up weekly.

The All 22 Tuesday series with USA Football’s Keith Grabowski has been an overwhelming success. Granted there is an element of fan appeal with it but we have also taken a deeper dive into the scheme for the real ball coaches.

As All 22 Tuesday is winding down for this season, here is what you can expect from us. We want to go into the best plays of All 22 Tuesday schemes of 2019 and draw them up for you in the main FirstDown PlayBook sections. Once they show up over there we will have drawn them up vs multiple fronts and formations.

Talk about a coaching clinic. We challenge anyone to come up with more schematic help than this during the 2020 football clinic season. Curious? Watch this.

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