We Can Draw Your Defense Faster & Better Than You Can
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 12, 2020

It’s true. We can sit down right now and draw one of your defenses up in about 10-20% of the time it takes you. How? Well, two things make this possible.

One thing is that we have already drawn over 5,000 different defensive combinations up so we never start from scratch. The second thing is that the FirstDown Playbook Draw & Edit tool is so easy to use it is faster than whatever you choose to use.

As the old saying goes… “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”

Call Side End Alignment: 4 Technique.

Key: Offensive Guard.

Run: B Gap.

Pass: Two Way Go Pass Rush Vs The Guard.

Nose Alignment: 0 Technique.

Key: Away Side Guard.

Run: Away Side A Gap.

Pass: A Gap Pass Rush.

Away Side End Alignment: 4 Technique.

Key: Open End Side: Tackle Or Tight End If One Is Present.

Run: C Gap.

Pass: Contain Pass Rush.

Will LB Alignment: Hip 

To see the rest of the coaching points and player assignments for this defense and thousands of others click on the drawing above.

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