We Understand

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 8, 2020

We have all been affected by 2020. We have fielded so many phone calls about schedules, budgets and just the unknown. We get it. We are football coaches and we are in this with you. Many of you will need to take a year to get your feet under you because of all of this.

Regardless of if you are an NFL coach who is busy negotiating the new world you have been dealt or a college coach who knows your season hangs on by a thread…we will be here for the duration.

We also talk to high school coaches from Bellingham Washington to Homestead Florida. You are all in different situations. We get it. If you take a year off or start late or go full speed ahead…we are here…and so are your plays and playbooks.

Finally, for our youth football coaches and flag football coaches. You may be our most important coaches. You are in charge of our future. Your dilemma remains the same. You don’t want to rob an eight year old of his or her experience because of Covid so you (for zero pay) fight through it.

Our goal is to lighten your load and allow you to spend more time with your kids instead of staying cooped up with a computer the same way the pandemic has done to to you.

FirstDown PlayBook is not going anywhere. We understand how hard this has been on you and your program. When the situation is right we will be here with your playbooks and our ever growing technology ready to tackle the next challenge whatever that might be.

Until then, be safe and let us know if we can help you through this.

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