By charlie on Jun 14, 2013

by Charlie Coiner

They say that if you want to raise your game in sports one of the best ways to do this is to play with or against someone who is significantly better than you. I am embracing this philosophy with our FirstDown PlayBook blog. Let’s face it. I haven’t done a very good job with this thing. The blog and I need to get better. This is why I am really pumped to announce that Janis Meredith of JBM THINKS will be joining FirstDown PlayBook as our guest blogger.

For those of you who do not know of Janis or her website please let me introduce you. JBM THINKS does a tremendous job of helping it’s readers with the subject of Parenting and in particular Sports Parenting. Janis herself comes from a sports family and married a man who has coached for 28 years. She has three children who played competitive sports from the age of four through college. As Janis describes herself, “I see sports a bit differently, with a view from both sides of the bench.” I can tell you that when you talk to Janis it doesn’t take you very long to realize that she just gets it. She understands that competitive sports is a great way to teach and mold the character of the youngsters competing but only if the coaches and parents are doing the right things. Janis preaches that we can never lose sight of the fact that we are molding people not just athletes.

Janis has also written two books. Her first book is titled Softball Mom’s Survival Guide and she has a second book Football Mom’s Survival Guide that is due out next month. This is not surprising when you realize that she is a communications specialist and a free lance writer who channels her talents to help parents and coaches with the day to day challenges of coaching and raising children. So at the end of the day, Janis is a coach. She’s a certified parent life coach and she will be bringing her unique perspective to us every other week on this blog post.

I am not only excited about what Janis and JBM THINKS will bring to you. I am excited about what they will bring to me personally. I mentioned at the opening that as a coach I know A talent has a way of raising everyone’s game around them and I plan to make sure that I do my part. I will do my best to bring you my perspective on the world of football and technology every other week. So welcome Janis! Welcome JBM THINKS! As a quick preview please visit JBM THINKS by clicking on this link! She will begin blogging on this site on Monday June 24.