West Rusk (Tx) Coaches Create Explosive For 6!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 22, 2021

The West Rusk coaches had to be anxious to break this Slot Around out. Unfortunately for Sabine HS, they drew the unlucky number. This is a trick play of sorts but there is some homework that went into this as well. The normal offensive scheme of West Rusk had to play into this.

They are really in a slot formation with both wideouts really wide. The right receiver is almost out of bounds he is so wide. Inside they have a quarterback, a running back, a sniffer and the offensive line. There is a lot about this formation to make the defense nervous about the formation strength.

When the ball is snapped the quarterback and the back work strong side with the option fake. The quarterback soft tosses the ball to #17 on the around. There is nothing special about all of this. A lot of offenses do this these days.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we liked how they created the lead blockers with the weak guard (#52) and the sniffer (#34). You add this to the ball carrier’s talent and you have an explosive play. This is why good coordinators know the main thing is to get your talent with the ball in space. That’s exactly what the West Rusk coaches did.

West Rusk Coaches Putting Players In A Position To Win

The other thing is that decision to play a 4 technique on the weak side as opposed to a 5 technique. The Raider coaches likely saw that they had an edge to the weak side. They took advantage of this with the down block by the right tackle.

A quick look at the West Rusk Raider’s video clips shows a lot of talent. However, hats off to coach Nick Harrison and the Raiders’ coaching staff for their creativity and putting their players in a position to win.

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