What Does Mike Singletary See Through Those Eyes?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 19, 2018

We all know about the eyes. They are wide and piercing with an intense focus rarely seen even in the 100 miles an hour, hair on fire world of professional football.

Mike Singletary is arguably the best linebacker to ever put the pads on. His intensity, effort and talent all speak for themselves. What FirstDown PlayBook wanted to know though was, what are those eyes really looking at right as the football is snapped? What were the keys, the tips that helped him get to the ball as quickly as he did? What does he teach today’s young linebackers to see as the ball is snapped?

So we, along with USA Football’s Keith Grabowski stole about a half an hour from Coach Mike Singletary to just talk ball on this week’s Coach & Coordinator “The Game Plan” podcast. We were very appreciative because Coach Singletary keeps a very busy schedule. Heck, he’s coaching two football teams at virtually the same time but anyone who knows Mike Singletary knows that it is hard for him to get enough football. He remains as passionate and committed as he has ever been in his past as a player and a coach.

So sit back, put the earbuds in and prepare to hear how Pro Football Hall of Famer Mike Singletary prepares for the new world of spread offenses and RPO football. You might be surprised to hear how he sees the modern game through those famous eyes.


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