What’s The Difference In A Varsity & A Youth Play?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 6, 2019

The quarterback will always be one of the if not the determining factor when it comes to what style and how complex the offense and defense can be. Regardless of what level of football you are coaching, if you play an offense and you know that quarterback cannot hurt your defense with his arm then you are going to adjust your defense to stop the one dimensional run game if you are smart.

When out comes to youth football, this is the case ninety percent of the time. This is why you see loaded up defenses with eight and nine defenders in the box. The offense can spread it out all they want to, if that quarterback can’t get the ball out to those receivers then the spread formation is all window dressing that does not need to be defended.

When FirstDown PlayBook draws up an offense or a defensive scheme we always have the talent level of the quarterback in mind. This is the primary reason we have a Varsity section and a Youth section. We draw the line somewhere around the age of thirteen years old. We understand that this is flexible based on t eh talent level of that twelve or thirteen year old player.

Today video takes a closer look at how we organize our varsity and Youth football plays and also how the new Draw and Edit tool takes a lot of pressure off of us  and gives you a ton of freedom when it comes to tailoring these plays to fit your players’ age and talent level!


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