What’s Your Team’s Code Of Conduct?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 17, 2019

We came across this excellent article by Annmarie Toler that was posted over at USA Football awhile back. Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we think this is the hidden value of our game that is not talked about nearly enough.

It’s so easy this time of year to glance at the football standings to get a quick snap shot of who is having a good season and who is not. It’s right there in front of you in black and white. At the top are the successful ones and at the bottom, the ones who are not.

What is missing, when we take this quick glance, are the life lessons that are being taught in all of these buildings, regardless of the win loss record. These are the lessons that will be with these players forever and also the lessons that you and I will see if we ever interact with these players later in life.

AnnMarie does a nice job of highlighting how Iowa State’s Matt Campbell and his staff make character a priority and also do an excellent job of quantifying it for the players.

Iowa State football code of conduct draws attention; what’s your team’s standard?

By USA Football’s AnnMarie Toler

A great athlete or coach will be recognized on the field, but it is that same athlete or coach that will be recognized off the field and beyond the game for how they act when their character, not athletic ability, is recognized.

Merriam-Webster defines character as one of the attributes or features that make up and distinguish an individual.

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Campbell has been at Iowa State for two years, and during that time he has helped improve the Cyclones’ record from 3-9 during Campbell’s first year to this year’s current 6-3 record.

While Campbell has proven himself as a coach, it may be the lessons he instills in his players off the field that have just as big as an impact on the program’s turnaround as the skills he instills in them on the field.

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