Who Do I Block Coach?… Coach?

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 26, 2021

Okay Coach, we admit it. We follow youth football organizations and their websites. We find it amazing when they sometimes get up in front of you and draw up offensive football plays with no defense in the drawing.

You just cannot do that. Put yourself in the position of the kid in a three point stance thinking…”Coach really didn’t talk much about where the defense would be.”

We understand that protections might be gap protection one way or another but not run blocking. You had better believe that youth football defensive coaches are hard at work too. There will be multiple defenses to block.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we understand that it’s not only important to put a defense on the drawing but several of them.

NFL Coaches On 12 Formations To Consider For Your Youth Football Offense

FirstDown PlayBook draws all of your youth football plays up vs six different defenses. Note, flip these and its twelve plays.

We also include blocking rules with every play. Unless your opponent is going to tell you what defense he or she is running, you better have a plan vs more than one front!

Youth Football Gap Protection

After that you can take these plays and edit them to make them fit your youth football team. We are not only trying to take some of the work off of you but we are also trying to help the busy father or mother who is not from an extensive football background stand up in front of their team with confidence.