Whole Part Whole Special Teams Teaching

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 8, 2020

This is a slight adaptation of a special teams blog we did three or four years ago. The emphasis is on the kickoff return phase but it could be true about a lot of aspects of football. More often than not, when you are installing your football concepts, a “whole-part-whole” method comes in handy.

The whole-part-whole method is when a teacher or coach first gives the student an overview of the complete subject to be taught. Then they break the subject into parts and teach the granular details. Finally, the teacher brings all of the parts together to perfect the whole product. A kickoff return is a great example of how this can be used.

The kickoff return is one of the more unique plays to be found in the sport of football. You spread one team out on one half of the football field to return the kick. At the same time they must defend the field because the ball is live after it travels ten yards. On the other side you line the coverage team up in a virtual straight line and turn them loose to the football once it is kicked

For a young special teams coach this can seem like a daunting task. It can be hard to create some order out of this high speed chaos that starts every football game. However, just like every other facet of football, when you break the big picture down into the smaller parts this football play can be a lot easier to teach.

This short video shows how FirstDown PlayBook helps you with this teaching style as well as any other you might use as a football coach.

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