Why Are You Stretching That Ten Year Old?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 13, 2020

Have you ever noticed that we never talk about how to warm up or stretch your youth football team? There’s a reason for it.

Let’s be honest, there are two reasons youth football coaches stretch or condition their team before practice. The first reason is because that’s what their football coaches did at the beginning of practice back in the day when they played. The second reason is that it buys the coaches time to get organized for the practice.

Both of these reasons are bad ones. If you want to create a bad experience for a youth football player start practice off by making them lay down on their backs looking up into the hot sun. Keep in mind they are doing this as they stretch the muscles they barely have at this point on their lives. Your youth football players don’t need to stretch and if you want to condition your team do it at the end of practice.

If you ask us the best way to warm your youth players up as you begin practice is to ease into it with slower moving drills. You can build up the tempo from there. This way you are practicing and teaching as you get your players lathered up a little.

In regards to conditioning, if your practices are organized properly and your players are always on the move, you will have little to no need for extra conditioning even at the end of your practices. Your team will be completely exhausted from working on actual football related activities as opposed to running laps around a football field.

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