Why Buy Before May 17? There are $everal Reasons Why.

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 2, 2021

May 17 is going to be a big day for the football playbook world. Not just the FirstDown PlayBook world but the entire football playbook world will be affected.

As we have grown FirstDown PlayBook over the past several years, we have also listened. Listened to who? Listened to you and ball coaches just like you. May 17 will be our response to your input and the improvements are vast.

The May 17 upgrades will provide you with much faster speeds and more flexibility with your playbook areas. Maybe the most important new feature will be that you can find your football plays the same way you find ours.

You heard that right. You will now be able to create, edit and organize your plays and playbooks the same way you currently can with ours. The time you save is going to be career and even life changing.

Your search and tag functions will take on a whole new meaning. If you name a play “Spider 2 Y Banana” you will find it among all of your (and our 35,000) plays just by typing it in the search bar.

So here’s the point. Why buy now instead of waiting until May 17? Here’s why…We have never done this but we are offering you a chance to buy an annual single user membership at a 25% discount.

This is just our way of being able to talk about all the great things that are coming on May 17 and also encouraging you to get on board before that.

Last thing or two. This two week offer period is firm. It will end on May 17. If you are a high school or college coach you can still take advantage of the two week free trial but by the time that trial ends this discount will have expired. Also, this offer is only valid for annual, single user memberships.

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