Win Or Lose. You Get Back To Work…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 28, 2019


Some coaches and players had the win of their life this past weekend and others had a heartbreaking loss.

Most were somewhere in between.

Regardless of your score this past weekend, the beauty of our game is that we get to go back to “work” the next week. This game teaches us this…

If you are poor, WORK. If you are rich, WORK. If you are burdened with seemingly unfair responsibilities, WORK.

If you are happy, continue to WORK. Idleness gives room for doubts and fears. If sorrow overwhelms you, and loved ones seem not true, WORK. If disappointments come, WORK.

If faith falters and reason fails, just WORK. when dreams are shattered and hopes seem dead, WORK. Work as if your life were in peril; it really is.

No matter what ails you, WORK. WORK faithfully and WORK with faith. WORK is the greatest material remedy available. WORK will cure both mental and physical afflictions.

Author Unknown

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