Wing T Help In The Varsity & Youth Football Sections.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 22, 2020

Occasionally we get the question, “Where do I find the FirstDown PlayBook Wing T plays? Are they in the Varsity Offense section or the Youth Football section?” The short answer is “Yes”.

There are few football families who are as embedded into their style of football like the Wing T coaches are. The obvious advantages at the youth football level starts with the ability to run the ball. This is often not a choice because the young quarterbacks cannot throw well enough yet to affect the game.

However, there is no shortage of Wing T offenses at the high school level either. Travel the backroads of any state in the union on a Friday night in the fall and you are likely to see the football field lights illuminating a Wing T offensive attack.

If the Wing T is run on all cylinders it is very hard to prepare for at the high school level. It, once again, can be the great equalizer when it comes to talent and numbers at the prep level.

For all of these reasons and a lot more, FirstDown PlayBook has a wealth of Wing T football help at both levels. This short video explains how to find it and also how you can edit these plays to fit your Wing T offense.