Wisconsin Leaves Few Places For This Ball To Go

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 26, 2020

Sometimes when we see a sack, turnover or just nowhere to go with the ball vs a defense we only see the ball. When the real story has many moving parts that all combine to create a big play on defense.

This second down defense from this past season that Wisconsin used vs Michigan State is a good example. Obviously the Wisconsin staff had done their homework because this defense looked like it was designed specifically for this play.

Wisconsin 17 MSU 0

3rd Quarter

+35 Yard Line

2nd & 18

Wisconsin is defending the shallow cross game with the front & the secondary.

The A gap rusher is taught to drop in the throwing lane after he draws the double team.

This provides a big body in the throwing lane.

The middle linebacker is a hole player looking to pick up any crosser.

The weak side corner does an excellent job of turning his man (#4) over to the hole player.

After #17 does this he drops in the intermediate hole to rob the basic cross.

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