Words Matter When It Comes To Boot Protection

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 22, 2019

When you call a boot pass there are a few common sense reasons why you are doing it. Usually, at the top of the list, is because you are wanting to take advantage of a fast flow defense who is causing you problems in the run game.

The alignment of the quarterback is very important when you call a boot pass because the pass needs to look exactly like the run in order to make the defense react. A lot of you have your quarterback in the gun most of the time and you can still get some flow with the linebackers but not nearly as much as you can when the quarterback is under center or in the pistol.

That flow you get from the linebackers comes at a price though. Normally that means that your quarterback is going to turn their back to the defense to carry out the run fake. You can coach your quarterback about getting a good pre-snap picture so that they have some idea of what to expect when they come out of the fake but it is still a different skill to master especially for young quarterbacks

Today we take you through our FirstDown PlayBook terminology in the Boots, Nakeds and Waggles passing game area of your varsity passing game section. After watching this you will understand why we think it’s import that you come up with your own protection words that tell your quarterback a lot about what to expect when they come out of a boot fake.

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