WristBand Tips To Make Your Life Easier
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 4, 2019

Wristband sheets are used at about every level of football these days. NFL quarterbacks always have to have them handy in case the coach to player communication system goes down. (it happens) Even at the youth levels of football, wristband sheets can help you communicate with your team during a game.

There are a lot of different definitions when it comes to wristband sheets. At the older levels of football a wristband sheet consists of text and the players actually read the formation and play name. For younger players most coaches are looking for a drawing of the play that exists right on the wristband sheet.

Now there are some challenges that go along with this. Let’s face it. Your ten year old son or daughter’s forearm is pretty small so we are dealing with limited real estate when it comes to the size of your wristbands.

Over the past several years FirstDown PlayBook has worked hard to constantly get better in this area and we have. Today we would like for you to watch this short video that will help you as you use the FirstDown PlayBook wristband sheets.

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