Your FlexBone 7on7 Help Is Here

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 5, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook has been singing the praises for the 7on7 game here lately and it really comes from the heart as we feel like the positives far outweigh the negatives, however there are some things about the way that 7on7 is approached that make little sense to us.

One thing we struggle with is when the 7on7 coach addresses the game with the one intention of winning the 7on7 game period. Our beef is that it does little to help the player get ready for what he is going to see once the pads come on in the fall.

Is there merit in just throwing the ball to just get better at throwing the ball. Yes, but if your 7on7 game plan is so very drastically different than your fall game plan you have minimized the positive. Take today’s short video that answers a question we received via email about where to to find FlexBone 7on7 help.

It was a great question and we were glad to help because we understood where the coach was coming from in as much as he was trying to get better at what his football team will be doing this fall. Here’s how we hopefully helped him out.


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