Your Game Books Seamlessly Created Each Week

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 5, 2021

Creating your football team’s game books or game plans each week during the season can be a beast of a job. It’s all about the time that you have to get this important job done. Once the season starts rolling, it usually stops for nothing and those games come fast.

All coaches target the first football game during the off season. That’s just natural. Everyone is undefeated. This game serves as an initial goal for your offseason program. It is a big game, no doubt. However, it is just another game followed by nine or ten or hopefully more big games in the post season.

This is where the weekly game books or game plans come in. Good football teams carry over a lot of plays and defenses week to week during a season. There may be a slight tweak here or there for 75 percent of it but not enough to where you should be drawing it all up from scratch.

Once you create your first game book in FirstDown PlayBook, we make it easy for you. You can keep what you want and create what you need as you go from game to game. Today’s video gives you a close up look at this.

So as you are in the dog days of training camp, your focus is exactly where it should be. Getting better every day and targeting that first opponent. As you do this, just rest assured that your weekly game book and game plan prep just got a whole lot easier when you get to this part of your season.

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