Your Team & Your Team Colors

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 16, 2021

Coaches spend a lot of time instilling a sense of pride and ownership with their football team. Rightfully so. It is one of the things that makes our game so great. We rally around the team, something bigger than ourselves.

Colors, logos and mascots are all part of this. Don’t believe it? Sport that Big Orange T in Tuscaloosa or walk into a Packers bar on a fall Sunday with your Bears jersey. You will quickly be schooled.

There are so many things we are excited for you to see about the new and improved FirstDown PlayBook. One of them is that we are now giving you the ability to put a more personal touch on your playbooks.

Take a look at this short video. It explains in 30 seconds how you are going to be able to make this year’s playbooks a lot more personal.

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