Your Team’s Effort Is Revealed On PAT/FG Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 22, 2020

A lot of head coaches and defensive coordinators may not know this. When you ask some of the best coaches in the game here’s what they will say. If you want to see how hard a defense plays, just watch them on PAT/FG Defense. If they play hard on that play then you can bet they play hard all the time.

Why? It’s an emotional play. Your defense has just stoped a drive for a touchdown or they just gave up one. Either way, unless the game is on the line, there is a chance for an effort let down on your PAT/FG defense and average results.

Tonight at 9:00 ET we will cover the sixth phase of our special teams clinic series. Our goal is to show you how you can intimidate a PAT/FG unit into mistakes just because your unit’s effort and execution. If you haven’t already signed up there is still time. Just click on the drawing below. Your PAT/FG Defense and the effort they give starts with you.

For the three of you who do not know we have a special teams clinic video for all six phases. These are sure to help any young special teams coach to even a seasoned veteran. Click on the play or the top picture to learn how you can get access. You will be glad you did.

PAT/Field Goal Defense Clinic Outline

  1. Effort Play
  2. Substitution
  3. Defending Formations
  4. Sudy Operation/Personnel/Cadence/Alignments/Stances
  5. Technique
    1. Swim
    2. Beach
    3. Sea
    4. Bounce
    5. Skim
    6. Scoop& Score
    7. Drive
    8. Knock
  6. Situations
  7. Video