You’re The Offensive Line Coach So…
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 29, 2018

You are the offensive line coach so you can pretty much bet your next steak dinner that you are the extra point and field goal protection coach too. If you don’t have the entire unit then you are for sure coaching your five to nine guys up front.

Now, we know that this play is the one that everyone loves to hate. You and your players hate it because other players who are the same size as your guys are running through them at full force to get to the ball before it is kicked. Heck, if it’s an extra point the defensive guys don’t even like it because it means they just got scored on.

The only time we like, or should I say love, this play is when it wins us a tight football game by three points or less. So many hard lessons have been learned on this football play over the years. We can hear the folks in Alabama nodding right now.

To make matters more complicated no one really wants to practice this play either, not even the coach. The point after attempt and field goal unit can be a hard group to coach because no one wants to run their players into one another at full speed on a play like this in practice any more than they have to.

So what’s the solution? The ability of the extra point and field goal coach to communicate the techniques needed to be sound versus a full speed rush is critical. If the offensive line coach can reinforce the techniques and effort needed without actually exposing his unit to the contact any more than necessary then everyone wins.

Today we talk about this special teams unit and the FirstDown PlayBook point after and field goal section. This section will help you as the special teams coach keep this unit ready for the point in the game when it matters most.

Take a look at this short video for today to learn more!

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