Youth 6 Man Football Defensive Fits

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 5, 2021

Teaching youth football players how to play defense can be challenging because normally the assignment changes based on what the offense does. 6 man youth football is not different when it comes to this. Finding the football is always important but so is assignment football, even when you are defending fewer players with fewer players on the field.

We spend a lot of time here at FirstDown PlayBook drawing up the thousands of plays and defenses. We spend every bit as much time typing in the coaching notes. As tedious as this can be, we think that it is worth it to actually include general coaching notes that allows you to have rules for each and every position.

When it comes to youth football, the coaching points are generally for the coaching staff. Your young players are going to focus on the colorful play drawings that we provide.

The coaching notes allow your entire staff to be on the same page as you head to the field for practice. Of course you can also edit these notes to fit your defense if you want to change it up some.

Today we have put together a short video that explains how handy these notes can be. We use one of our 6 man youth football defenses and we fit it up vs a the run to the weak and the strong side.

This is just one example but it will allow you to see just how valuable the coaching notes can be for you and your youth football coaching staff tis fall.

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