June Is Youth & Flag Football Help Month

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 4, 2022
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FirstDown PlayBook is going to focus on youth & flag football during the month of June. There is a method to our madness, as we know most of youth & flag football coaches are attending to other things this month. Much of what we cover in the month of June will be a different kind of “help”. The kind of help that looks at things other than the X’s & O’s.

Youth Football Help & Flag Football Help

A little over 10 years ago when we started FirstDown PlayBook our friend Janis Meredith over at Raising Champions wrote something that stuck with us. She simply wrote “Coaching youth football is hard”. As we have worked with countless youth & flag football coaches over the past 10 years, we can tell you that, no truer words have been spoken about coaching youth football.

3 Reasons To Include Parents With Your Youth Football Team

Youth & flag coaches have so much to do before one play is drawn or one snap is taken. These are the things that can spoil the rest of the experience for you and your players if not addressed. This is why we think that June is the month to start this. As we move into July we will get more in to the plays and defenses again.

You Will Find All Of This Youth & Flag Football Help Several Ways

If you are a fan of the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community site you know you can come back and find these helpful blogs at any time. Just go to the Youth Football and Flag Football categories. We will also hashtag them on social media with #YouthFlagFBHelp.

Our hope is that this will not be a one way street. Meaning that we hope you will engage us with questions and suggestions. There are some things that we are convicted about and we likely will agree to disagree. That’s okay. There are also some things that we can learn from you.

June Is Youth & Flag Football Month Here At FirstDown PlayBook!