Youth Football 5-3 Defense Clinic

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 10, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook is making our youth football 5-3 defense clinic available for a week or so right here on the Coaches Community website. It’s just our little gift to you as the youth football season gets closer.

Of course this clinic video lives on the FirstDown PlayBook site along with many others. We conducted ten of these youth football clinics last year.

As you watch this clinic you are not only going to get some tips on installing the 5-3 defense with your youth football team. You will also hear us answer questions from youth football coaches in attendance, just like yourself. Let’s touch on a few points about a 5-3 defense before you begin to watch the clinic.

Cover Up The Center

The obvious first thing that this defense gives you is a player covering the center. This can be a big advantage because the center is the focal point of any run play. Almost all youth football teams rely on the run game. If you stop that you are off to a good start.

Your Five Man Front Can Slant & Angle

Instead of having six players with their hand in the dirt like you do when you play a 6-2, you now have five. It’s the same structure you have with a 3-4 defense except most youth football defenses will want to put the ends in a three point stance. The ability to slant one way or the other out of this five man front is hard to block.

Three Linebackers Help You Adjust

Now, here is one of the biggest advantages with this defense. You now have three linebackers to adjust to formations. Youth football offenses are beginning to open their formations up some these days. We are still not convinced that a youth football quarterback can make these spread offenses work but if you need to adjust having three linebackers will help you.

There are several other advantages that we cover in the youth football 5-3 defense clinic below. So let’s get started. It’s nearly mid July and that means youth football season is getting close!

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