Youth Football Belly Option Coaching Points

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 29, 2018

When FirstDown PlayBook initially began installing youth football offensive plays a few years back, most of you will remember that we kept the formations fairly conservative in regards to how spread out they were.  Many of our formations included Tight Ends, Slots and often Wingbacks.

The reason? Well, it’s really all about the quarterback.  FirstDown PlayBook designs our youth football plays for teams with players who are 12 years old and younger so we design our offensive plays with the thinking that a young quarterback is not going to scare the defense enough to play two safeties.

When you design youth football plays with the assumption that you are going to get the middle of the field closed on every snap, the simple math tells you that you will always be outnumbered by at least one defender in the run game. Playing Tight End oriented defenses helps protect the edges.

FirstDown PlayBook has begun to open it up some in 2018 with the installation of a Spread formation and today we are introducing our latest youth football 2 Back Slot formation. This formation gives you two skilled receivers to one side of the formation. It also gives you a core with two backs and a Tight End that should provide a run game worthy of the defense’s attention.

However, it should be noted that you still have a numbers game to consider with your blocking schemes and this short video will help you understand how and why FirstDown PlayBook blocks up this youth football Belly Option play the way that we do.


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