Youth FootBall Chalk Talk Week 4: 5-3 Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 17, 2020

There are more versions of the 5-3 Defense than what your grandpappy ran and that goes for youth football teams too. A great example is that 2 gapping that eight year old nose guard might not be the winning edge.

Playing with five down personnel is significantly different than a 6-2. It allows you to get at least one more player in a two point stance, and maybe more if you want to stand up your defensive ends or outside linebackers.

The FirstDown PlayBook Youth FootBall Chalk Talk will be back at it again tonight as we dissect the 5-3 defense. We have had very good attendance in our first three weeks. Personally, the part I like the most as a 30 year football coach is when I get to answer questions at the end of each webinar clinic.

There is still time to sign up and attend. Just tap on the 5-3 defense drawing below and let us know you will be there!

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