Youth Football Coaches, Can You Answer These Questions?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 17, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook has always been a big fan of Janis Meridith. She has done an incredible job over the years with her JBThinks platform and now with her Raising Champion Families website. Janis comes at all of this from a great perspective as a former coach’s wife she has learned many of the lessons first hand that she now teaches.

Just as football players and coaches take many of the lessons we learn from the game and quickly realize they apply with life off the field too, Janis has taken her experiences and wisdom she has gained from being a sports mom and wife and has expanded it to help young families and parents.

We saw this informative article over on the USA Football website this past week where Janis has detailed a list of questions for a parent to ask a youth football coach before they sign their kid up to play youth football. Coming from a coach’s perspective we think they are very good questions and if you are a youth football coach, you should be able to easily answer any of them particularly question number one.

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Child’s Coach

By Janis Meredith | Posted 8/14/2019

The more you understand the coach your child is playing for, the better the season will be for both of you. Once you’ve found a good coach, take some time before the season to ask a few questions. Coaches shouldn’t mind your inquiries at any parent meetings or in a one-on-one conversation.

Question #1 for your son or daughter’s youth football coach: Why did you…

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