Youth Football Complimentary Plays

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 25, 2020

The month of October is winding down and that means if you are lucky enough to be playing your fall youth football season, be careful as you read this blog. Late season change to any football coach’s playbook should be considered with caution. This is doubly true if you are a youth football coach

However, if a youth coach is smart and minimizes the amount of change necessary to give a defense a new look, it can be pulled off. One way is to run similar plays out of different formations. This can give your offense just the tiny bit of deception you need this time of year.

Another way is to find complimentary football plays that are derived from your base plays. They may in fact look just like the plays you have been running right up until they are not.

Today’s short video shows you how FirstDown PlayBook has thought about all of this ahead of time. You can use our youth football tags to find complimentary plays that will confuse your opponent not your players.

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