Youth Football Man Coverage Tips

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 30, 2022

There may be different opinions on this, but we think that man coverage is the best way to go when teaching a youth football defense. The reason is that you can really break youth football man coverage down into 1-2-3.

Any time you can take a part of teaching and coaching football and make it simple, it’s your job as a football coach to do so. When it comes to coaching youth football just take that piece of advice and super size it.

With youth football defense it’s even more important to follow this advice. As we have mentioned before, if you cannot get lined up on defense you are in trouble. The whole football team and coaching staff are going to have a bad day. You will need to teach a basic understanding of what makes a player eligible.

3 Reasons To Jam Receivers At The Line Of Scrimmage

Coaches and players can get lulled to sleep with conventional formations. The next thing you know a team lines up in an oddball unbalanced front. This can result in an eligible receiver (or tackle) running down the field wide open, uncovered.

Today’s short video explains a simple method that helps you get your youth football defense lined up. This sound man coverage is arrived at by simply by teaching them to count to three.  FirstDown PlayBook will take two of your youth football defenses as examples. We will detail the difference with each, when it comes to playing man coverage with your youth football defense.