Youth Football Option Clinic

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 10, 2021

From time to time FirstDown PlayBook releases some of our website content for a limited time for everyone. Today we are going to do this with a youth football option clinic webinar that we did last year. We will make it available for a couple of weeks here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website. Of course it and other clinic videos are available all of the time for FirstDown PlayBook members.

Can you run an option attack with your youth football team? Absolutely, but you better be good at eliminating the fluff. We have all seen the tight precision option offenses that have shown up over the years in high school and college football.

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What we don’t always see is how much practice time goes into making them look like the way they do. There are countless hours spent, sometimes year round on the timing of an option offense. These are hours that you may not have the luxury of spending with your youth football offense.

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The good thing about an option attack though is the defense has to defend what you can do. This is opposed to what you are actually doing. Starting to see where this is going? In the hour long youth football option clinic below we cover some of the basics. This is designed for you if you are trying to run the option with young players.

This Youth Football Option Clinic Can Now Be Found On FirstDown PlayBook

Towards the end of the youth football clinic you will see and hear that we took questions from youth football coaches just like you. We always like to make the point that we don’t have all of the answers here at FirstDown PlayBook. We have coached a little ball in our time though. So anything we can help you with during these clinics, we try to provide you. This means defense too.

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One other note before we get started. FirstDown PlayBook will be expanding in 2022 to include more virtual clinics and drills and fundamentals sections for youth football coaches. So please keep your head on a swivel for that. Let’s get started with this youth football option clinic. Enjoy.