Youth Football Pirate Stunt

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 31, 2019

This past week we talked to you about splits and levels and how a savvy offensive line coach could use these two tools to gain an edge. Today we want to take a look at a simple adjustment by your 5 technique defensive end to offset this.

The Pirate stunt is really used at all levels of football. It is often used at the high school, college and professional levels to protect an inside linebacker from conflict of assignment. Defensive coordinators have to be careful not to give a linebacker A or B gap run responsibility while also asking that linebacker to cover a curl flat area.

The Pirate stunt is often the answer in this situation. The Pirate stunt frees up your linebacker from the inside gap responsibility so that they can get to the curl area and still play sound run responsibility.

Even at the youth level where man coverage is usually played, the pirate stunt can provide a nice simple changeup to prevent an offense from pounding you in the weak side B gap. Today’s short video shows how you can implement this small but effective changeup with your youth football defense.