Youth Football Sweep Clinic

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 25, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook loves a good youth football sweep run play. With apologies to the straight dive run play, the sweep may be the oldest play in football. That’s not to say that we haven’t dressed this play up a lot over the years.

There are many versions of this staple football play even at the youth football level. It is a play that can look very different depending on the formation you run it out of.

The blocking scheme can also be drastically different based on scheme and defense you are blocking. Some youth football sweeps are better when everyone is reaching for outside leverage. Others lend themselves to the “pin and pull” philosophy.

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The one thing that is sure is that you need to attack the perimeter with your youth football offense. This 40 minute youth football clinic video is devoted to just that. You will begin to see that once you make the defense play sideline to sideline there are other advantages too. Your inside run game will suddenly be more productive.

This will only be up on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website for a week or so. Jump on it now. Of course if you are a FirstDown PlayBook youth football coach this and other videos are yours 24/7.