Youth Football Tight WishBone Gives You “Options”

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 1, 2019

The more times you can run the same play in a football game successfully the better it is for your football team. Let’s face it, there really isn’t a whole lot of reason to call something else if you are moving the ball up and down the field with your “go to” play. A formation like the wishbone makes this even more true.

Many wishbone offenses are known for running their base play the entire game. Of course, the defense usually has something to say about this and adjustments normally are made to force you to call your complimentary plays. We preach here a lot about marrying your plays so that they compliment one another. One way to do that is to make sure they look exactly the same to the defense.

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Today’s video covers your youth football offensive formation that we call Tight WishBone. The WishBone obviously has three backs in the backfield and anytime you have that you are set up perfectly for option type plays. The whole premise of option football is to make your plays all look the same and the quarterback reads one of the defensive players to get a key to which “option” they should execute.

As you watch this short video you will begin to understand how two or three football plays can go a long way, particularly if you are coaching younger players.

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