Youth Modified Football Defense Ready To Go!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 25, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce that we have added another helpful section to your favorite coaching tool. The youth modified football section has been a while coming and last week we announced the offensive side.

The youth football defensive side is now up and ready for three areas. We have a 6v6, 7v7 and 8v8 section completed with coaching points. We also have fitted defenses up vs nine different formations for each of these areas.

Like a lot of football these days there are a lot of different rules, so we have done our best to fit the bill for anyone who uses this. We have included these four defense for every section. Even, Split, Over and Under. This way regardless of if you are part of USA Football’s Rookie Tackle, Football Canada’s 6-a-side or any other league you are all set!

Now all you need to do is go find the defense that fits your rules or scheme, make a few edits and you are off and running. One last thing before we take off. Now that we have finished this we will be working on the Varsity section for you 6 man through 9 man high school coaches out there.

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